Born in 1977 in Moscow (USSR / Russia). I grew up in a creative family: music classes, drawing, photoshooting. From 1998 I work in advertising (from 2003 in my own agency): make art projects + keep shooting.

I love to work in mixted media. I use canvas, acrylic and oil paints, polymer clay, wire, glue and many other components for my works. Usually I take inspiration from my childhood memories

or from my surroundings, but, nevertheless, its main source 

is harmonious music, books and the vibes of the nature.

In 2012, I discovered the art of polymer clay floristics (clay that hardens in the air, so-called “cold porcelain”) and learned how

to make flowers.

In 2014, I decided to move to Sitges (Spain), where I continued

to learn and create compositions from clay. Then the idea to mix polymer clay flowers with painting on frame was born. I named it volume paintings, sculptures for the walls or just art objects.